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Maternity Support Belt

Back and abdominal discomfort during pregnancy fits most sizes during various stages of pregnancy extreme comfort for all day wear curad retail packaging 1 maternity belt. Available Sizes: Medium Large X-Large

Tender Care Lanolin for Nursing Moms, Two - 2 oz. Bottles

Designed for moms who experience discomfort during latching Offers soothing relief and provides protection to tender nipples Hypoallergenic; all natural ingredients, 100% safe for mom and baby No need to remove before breast feeding

TL Care 100% Organic Cotton Nursing Pads, 12-Count

Each nursing pad is made with 5 layers of 100% organic cotton that is ecologically produced and healthier for you, your baby, and the environment. The 4.5" wide pads are soft and breathable against the skin without sacrificing absorbency. Organic Material Contains Natural Cotton Oils That Need to Be Pre-Washed Multiple Times Before Fully Absorbent.

Pump In Style® Advanced On-the-Go Tote

Pump in style advanced is a daily use breast pump designed for moms who pump several times a day. Includes tote bag with integrated motor unit, AC adaptor, battery pack, insulated cooler bag and ice pack, 5 ounce breast milk bottles, 24 mm breast shields, PersonalFit connectors, valves, tubing and instructions.

Pelvifine Pelvic Floor Stimulator

The Pelvifine Pelvic Floor Stimulator is a very simple, yet very powerful and easy to use electronic pelvic floor stimulator (PFS). It will tighten your pelvic floor muscles by performing pelvic floor exercises automatically and effortlessly for you, in the comfort of your home, by contracting and relaxing your pelvic floor muscles using mild electrical pulses for optimum strength.

ApexM Pelvic Exerciser

Apex®M treats the cause of your female urinary incontinence by strengthening weak pelvic floor muscles and calming an over-active detrusor muscle. The secret is getting as close to the pelvic floor as possible and stimulating the right muscles while providing physical resistance for the exercise to build muscle. This device does just that.