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Multi-Ply 6500 Lite Mattress, 76" x 36" x 6"

Multi-layered foam mattress with top layer of die-cut high-density foam in the head and torso section for excellent pressure redistribution.

DDS Double-Lumbar Traction Belt with Panels - 4XL

The DDS DOUBLE consists of a unique and patented expandable Traction Belt, Detachable Anterior and Posterior Rigid Panels, a Hand-Air Pump and is the most versatile brace of its kind! SIZE TORSO MEASUREMENT PANELSIZE 4XL 45~48 inches XL

Pro-Tec Gel-Force Knee Support

Thick oval gel achieves comfortable patella stabilization and absorption of dynamic forces to the knee.

Radial Hinged Ulnar Deviation Splint Left, Small

Radial Hinged Ulnar Deviation Splint Left,Small Used to improve the alignment of strongly deviated fingers. Soft hook/loop finger straps allow each finger to be individually aligned for optimal correction. Hinge allows MP motion. Lined in soft felt, dorsal based splint leaves palm free for function. Kydex shell can be heated for a custom fit. Latex free.

SnuggleFoam Cervical Memory Pillow

100% viscoelastic premium memory foam. They respond to your body heat conforming to your unique body shape creating a custom-fit pillow every time you go to sleep.

Posey Hipsters III Brief, Medium

Impact-absorbing pads over the critical hip fracture area minimize potential damage that can occur from a fall. The Low profile pads sewn into a slim-fitting brief allow Hipsters to be discreetly worn under clothing.