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Tri-Core Cervical Pillow, Standard Support

Polyfill pillow with trapezoidal-shaped pocket cradles the head in side-lying and back-lying positions, ensuring that the cervical curve is supported in its neutral position.

Wal-Pil-O Neck Pillow

Features:        24” L x 15” W x 4” H   Narrow border 3” wide. Wide border 4” wide            Fits standard size pillowcase. Cotton blend cover

Bilt Rite Cervical Pillow Roll Foam 16" X 6' Diameter- White

Comfortable contour designed cervical pillow made of foam with cotton/polyester cover

CPAP Pillow

Contoured shape supports your head and neck and aligns your spine the way nature intended.

Memory Foam Travel Core Pillow

100% viscoelastic foam responds to body heat and conforms to the individual shape of head and neck.

Contour Leg Pillow w/ Cover

Provides comfort for the lower back, hips, and knees. 100% non-allergenic. Properly aligns legs, hips, and spine. Anatomically shaped to fit your legs comfortably all night. Cover included. Latex free.


Pil-O-Splint® Therapeutic night splint isolates the wrist joint and hand in a comfortable position while sleeping or resting. Soft, cushioned foam fabric covers a semi-rigid sleeve; ergoBead pad between palm and thumb secures the splint in place and supports the arch of the hand.

Fiber C-Pap Pillow

This unique, patented pillow features a quilted side panel that creates a distinct edge, allowing the mask to extend beyond.