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Jobst Compression Stockings Donning Gloves***USE 281568625FLA

Jobst Compression Stockings Donning Gloves These cotton knit gloves are designed to assist in donning or doffing of compression stockings. Gloves are coated in blue latex to provide the best possible grip on your compression garments. In addition to a better grip, the gloves let you handle stockings without tearing or ripping them—damage that can be caused by uncovered fingernails or jewelry.

DynaPro Flex Hand Splint, Left

DynaPro Flex Hand Splint, Left Neuro-Dynamic Therapy for a Fisted Hand and moderate to severe wrist contractures. Reverses moderate/severe flexion and/or spasticity of wrist/hand/fingers. Provides neuro-rehabilitation while the patient wears the device. Two incrementally larger palmar rolls included to gradually open the hand. Heat moldable. Provides gentle ulnar drift correction.

Large PF Night Splint Soft

Large PF Night Splint Soft Soft PF Night Splint This soft night splint comfortably holds the foot in dorsiflexion to limit the morning pain and stiffness associated with plantar fasciitis. Low-profile, soft design makes it more comfortable to sleep in, and even allows for safe nighttime ambulation. Lightweight, compact, and foldable, this night splint is ideal for traveling.

W-701 Hand Based Radial Nerve Splint, Medium/Large Left

W-701 Hand Based Radial Nerve Splint, Medium/Large Left Hand based splint provides digit and thumb MP extension associated with digit and hand weakness/paralysis secondary to radial nerve palsy

Carex Cast Protector - Lower Leg

The Cast Protector€“ Lower Leg is made from durable, latex-free plastic which keeps casts and bandages dry while showering and bathing. Features a tightly sealing plastic ring and diaphragm to keep water out. The Lower Leg size is 23 inches long and made for use below the knee.

Cover Roll Stretch Corrective Taping - 2" x 10 yds, Case of 12

The skin friendly white Cover Roll Stretch is first applied to the skin. The brown rayon-back Leukotape® P with aggressive zinc oxide adhesive is applied over the white tape. Used for patella-femoral, hip and shoulder corrective taping techniques. 2" x 10 yds. Case of 12. Latex free.