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Changing the way people think about strength equipment. Simple and intuitive, the G7 line has been designed by Matrix's biomechanical experts with the user in mind. If you are shopping for one or more strength machines, it’s time to consider something different: refined ergonomics, improved comfort, superior performance and streamlined workout tracking. Request Quote.

SportsArt Upper Body Ergometer

The UB521M is designed specifically for physical therapy and rehab patients. Unique features include low starting resistance, smooth belt-drive operation, bi-directional rotation and resistance. Seat is easily removed for wheelchair or standing users. Request Quote.


A large, battery-powered display and transport wheels allow easy placement anywhere in your facility. Aluminum extruded slide rail and distance mimic a true rowing feel. Request Quote

MATRIX A5x Ascent Trainers®

With variable incline and adjustable resistance, the A7ex, A5x and A3x Ascent Trainers® make workouts more dynamic and motivating. Stride lengths between 21" to 24" mimic the user's natural footpath, and the Constant Rate of Acceleration is smooth and similar to true body movement.  Request Quote.

Active/Passive PRO - Upper Body Exerciser

Provides upper and lower body therapeutic exercise for geriatric and post-acute patients. The bi-directional Passive Range-of-Motion phase allows users with a lack of strength or coordination or cardiopulmonary or orthopedic limitations the ability to exercise. Request Quote.

BATCA Omega 4 Commercial Multi-Station

Accommodates up to four users at one time. Ten exercise stations in an 9'4" x 9' space. Weight stacks: four 175-lb. stacks, 5 lbs. on top 5 plates. Black and titanium silver frame with black/grey upholstery.  REQUEST QUOTE